50 Candy that Starts with F

Candy that Starts with F

Candy lovers know that the world of sweets is vast and varied, offering an endless array of flavors, textures, and experiences. Among the many candies available, those that start with the letter “F” hold a special place, showcasing a delightful mix of classic treats and modern favorites. Whether you have a penchant for fruity flavors, a craving for chocolate, or a love for chewy and crunchy textures, there’s something for everyone. This list highlights 50 candies beginning with “F,” each accompanied by a brief description to tantalize your taste buds and perhaps inspire your next candy indulgence.

Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “F,” each with a brief description:

1. Ferrero Rocher: Luxurious hazelnut chocolates wrapped in gold foil.

Ferrero Rocher

2. Fruit Roll-Ups: Chewy fruit-flavored snacks rolled into thin sheets.

Fruit Roll-Ups

3. Fun Dip: Powdered candy with a candy stick for dipping.

4. Fruit Gushers: Chewy fruit snacks filled with a fruity liquid center.

Fruit Gushers

5. Fudge: Rich, creamy confection made from sugar, butter, and milk.


6. Fruit Mentos: Chewy candies with a crisp shell and fruity flavors.

Fruit Mentos

7. Fireballs: Spicy cinnamon-flavored hard candies.

8. Flake: Light, flaky milk chocolate bar from Cadbury.


9. Fruit Slices: Jelly candies shaped like fruit slices, coated in sugar.

Fruit Slices

10. Fruity Pebbles Treats: Marshmallow treats made with Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Fruity Pebbles Treats

11. Fun Size Bars: Miniature versions of popular chocolate bars.

Fun Size Bars

12. Fizzers: Effervescent tablet candies that fizz in your mouth.


13. Fruit Chews: Chewy fruit-flavored candies in assorted flavors.

Fruit Chews

14. Fruit by the Foot: Long, rolled-up strips of chewy fruit snack.

Fruit by the Foot

15. Fruit Jellies: Soft, chewy candies made with real fruit juice.

Fruit Jellies

16. Flipz: Pretzels coated in chocolate, yogurt, or other sweet coatings.


17. Fini Sweets: Assorted gummy and marshmallow candies from Spain.

Fini Sweets

18. Fruit Tingles: Fizzy, fruit-flavored tablet candies.

19. Fruit Leather: Flattened, chewy strips of dried fruit.

20. Fruittella: Chewy fruit-flavored candies similar to Starburst.


21. Fluffernutter Fudge: Fudge made with marshmallow fluff and peanut butter.

Fluffernutter Fudge

22. Fruit Caramels: Caramel candies infused with fruit flavors.

Fruit Caramels

23. Fruit Pastilles: Chewy, sugar-coated fruit-flavored candies.

Fruit Pastilles

24. Fiesta Sweets: Assorted Mexican candies with unique flavors.

Fiesta Sweets

25. Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bars: Chocolate bars mixed with dried fruit and nuts.

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bars

26. Fruit Rocks: Hard candy rocks with fruit flavors.

27. Fox’s Glacier Mints: Clear mint candies with a smooth texture.

Fox’s Glacier Mints

28. Fruit Drops: Hard candies with intense fruit flavors.

Fruit Drops

29. Fruit Bursts: Chewy candies with a liquid fruit center.

Fruit Bursts

30. Fruit Pop: Lollipops in a variety of fruity flavors.

Fruit Pop

31. Floral Gummies: Gummy candies infused with floral flavors like rose and lavender.

Floral Gummies

32. Fudge Brownie Bites: Small, bite-sized pieces of fudge brownie.

Fudge Brownie Bites

33. Fruit Cocktail Candy: Hard candies that mimic the flavors of a fruit cocktail.

Fruit Cocktail Candy

34. Fizzing Whizzbees: Harry Potter-themed candies that fizz in your mouth.

35. Fruit Cubes: Sugar-coated, cube-shaped jelly candies in assorted fruit flavors.

Fruit Cubes

36. Fairy Floss: Another name for cotton candy, spun sugar treat.

Fairy Floss

37. Fudge Stripes: Shortbread cookies striped with fudge.

Fudge Stripes

38. Fruit Rings: Ring-shaped gummy candies in fruit flavors.

Fruit Rings

39. Fortune Cookies: Crisp cookies with a paper fortune inside.

Fortune Cookies

40. Fruit Punch Chews: Chewy candies with a fruity punch flavor.

Fruit Punch Chews

41. Fudge-covered Oreos: Classic Oreo cookies covered in rich fudge.

Fudge-covered Oreos

42. Fruit Sherbets: Chewy, tangy candies in fruit flavors.

Fruit Sherbets

43. Fancy Truffles: High-quality chocolate truffles with various fillings.

Fancy Truffles

44. Fruit Blast Gummies: Gummies with an intense fruit flavor burst.

Fruit Blast Gummies

45. Firecracker Candy: Candy that crackles and pops in your mouth.

Firecracker Candy

46. Fruit Nougat: Soft nougat with pieces of dried fruit.

Fruit Nougat

47. Frozen Candy Bars: Popular chocolate bars that are even better when frozen.

Frozen Candy Bars

48. Fruit Punch Jellies: Soft jellies with a fruit punch flavor.

Fruit Punch Jellies

49. Frosted Candy: Candies with a frosted sugar coating.

Frosted Candy

50. Fruit Salad Chews: Chewy candies that combine various fruit flavors.