50 Candy that Starts with I

Candy that Starts with I

Exploring the world of candy reveals a delightful array of treats that cater to every taste and preference. Candies that start with the letter “I” might not be as commonly known as others, but they offer a unique and exciting selection of flavors, textures, and experiences. From indulgent chocolates to refreshing mints and exotic gummies, these candies showcase the creativity and innovation in confectionery. Whether you’re a fan of classic sweets or looking to try something new, this list of 50 candies beginning with “I” provides a sweet adventure waiting to be discovered.

Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “I,” each with a brief description:

1. Ice Breakers: Mint candies that come in a variety of flavors, known for their refreshing and cooling sensation.

Ice Breakers

2. Iced Caramels: Soft caramels coated with a layer of icing.

Iced Caramels

3. Ice Cubes: Chocolate candies shaped like ice cubes, known for their smooth and creamy texture.

Ice Cubes

4. Iced Gems: Small biscuits topped with colorful, hard icing.

Iced Gems

5. Ice Cream Cone Gummies: Gummy candies shaped like mini ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Cone Gummies

6. Iced Fudge: Rich fudge candy with a layer of icing on top.

Iced Fudge

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Candy: Candy bars that mimic the taste of ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwich Candy

8. Icy Mint Lifesavers: Hard candies with a strong mint flavor.

9. Irish Cream Fudge: Fudge flavored with Irish cream liqueur.

Irish Cream Fudge

10. Island Punch Jelly Belly: Jelly beans with a tropical punch flavor.

Island Punch Jelly Belly

11. Italian Torrone: Nougat candy with almonds or other nuts, often flavored with citrus.

Italian Torrone

12. Individually Wrapped Caramels: Soft caramels wrapped individually for convenience.

Individually Wrapped Caramels

13. Ice Pop Gummies: Gummy candies shaped like ice popsicles.

Ice Pop Gummies

14. Inca Kola Candy: Hard candies flavored with the popular Peruvian soda, Inca Kola.

Inca Kola Candy

15. Ice Blue Mints: Hard mint candies with a cooling, icy flavor.

Ice Blue Mints

16. Iced Chocolate Truffles: Rich chocolate truffles with a frosted coating.

Iced Chocolate Truffles

17. Ivory Chocolate: White chocolate candies known for their creamy texture.

Ivory Chocolate

18. Iced Mint Fudge: Fudge infused with mint and coated with icing.

Iced Mint Fudge

19. Island Fruits Gummies: Gummy candies shaped like tropical fruits.

Island Fruits Gummies

20. Iced Cinnamon Bears: Cinnamon-flavored gummy bears with a layer of icing.

Iced Cinnamon Bears

21. Instant Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows: Hot cocoa mix that includes tiny marshmallows, perfect for a quick sweet treat.

Instant Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows

22. Irish Coffee Caramels: Caramel candies flavored with Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee Caramels

23. Ice Cream Sundae Lollipops: Lollipops with a flavor inspired by ice cream sundaes.

Ice Cream Sundae Lollipops

24. Italian Licorice Wheels: Licorice candy shaped into wheels, popular in Italy.

Italian Licorice Wheels

25. Island Breeze Tic Tacs: Tic Tacs with a tropical fruit flavor.

26. Iced Lemon Cookies: Soft cookies with a tangy lemon icing.

Iced Lemon Cookies

27. Icee Squeeze Candy: Gel candy that mimics the flavor of Icee frozen drinks.

Icee Squeeze Candy

28. Iced Honeycomb: Honeycomb candy coated with a layer of icing.

29. Italian Hard Candies: Assorted hard candies popular in Italy, often with fruity or herbal flavors.

Italian Hard Candies

30. Ice Cream Flavored Taffy: Chewy taffy candies with ice cream-inspired flavors.

Ice Cream Flavored Taffy

31. Iced Raspberry Bites: Raspberry-flavored candy bites with a frosted coating.

Iced Raspberry Bites

32. Indian Spice Chews: Chewy candies flavored with traditional Indian spices.

Indian Spice Chews

33. Icebreaker Sour Mints: Sour mints that provide a tangy and refreshing burst of flavor.

34. Iced Strawberry Licorice: Strawberry-flavored licorice with a layer of icing.

Iced Strawberry Licorice

35. Indonesian Tamarind Candy: Hard candies made from tamarind, offering a unique sweet and tangy flavor.

Indonesian Tamarind Candy

36. Ice Cream Cone Marshmallows: Marshmallows shaped like mini ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Cone Marshmallows

37. Iced Coffee Hard Candies: Hard candies with a rich coffee flavor and a hint of cream.

Iced Coffee Hard Candies

38. Italian Fruit Jellies: Soft, jelly candies made with real fruit juice, popular in Italy.

Italian Fruit Jellies

39. Ice Cream Jelly Beans: Jelly beans with flavors inspired by ice cream.

Ice Cream Jelly Beans

40. Iced Toffee Bars: Toffee bars coated with a layer of icing.

Iced Toffee Bars

41. Irish Whiskey Fudge: Fudge flavored with Irish whiskey.

Irish Whiskey Fudge

42. Island Coconut Bonbons: Coconut-flavored bonbons with a creamy filling.

Island Coconut Bonbons

43. Iced Maple Candy: Maple-flavored candy with a frosted coating.

Iced Maple Candy

44. Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Candies: Candies filled with a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread.

Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Candies

45. Iced Mocha Truffles: Chocolate truffles flavored with coffee and coated with icing.

Iced Mocha Truffles

46. Iced Apple Rings: Apple-flavored gummy rings with a layer of icing.

Iced Apple Rings

47. Instant Coffee Chews: Chewy candies with a strong coffee flavor.

Instant Coffee Chews

48. Ice Cream Dots: Small, freeze-dried ice cream pellets that melt in your mouth.

Ice Cream Dots

49. Iced Gingerbread Bites: Bite-sized gingerbread candies with a layer of icing.

Iced Gingerbread Bites

50. Icelandic Licorice: Traditional licorice candy from Iceland, known for its unique flavor and texture.