50 Candy that Starts with M

50 Candy that Starts with M

The letter “M” brings to mind a multitude of mouth-watering candies, each offering its own unique flavor and texture. From creamy chocolates to chewy gummies, the world of “M” candies is diverse and delightful. These sweets cater to all preferences, whether you crave something fruity, nutty, or chocolatey. Exploring these candies not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also introduces you to a variety of confections from different cultures and traditions. Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “M,” each with a brief description to tantalize your taste buds.

Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “M,” each with a brief description:

1. M&M’s: Candy-coated chocolates available in a variety of flavors and colors.


2. Milky Way: Chocolate bar with nougat and caramel, covered in milk chocolate.

Milky Way

3. Mike and Ike: Chewy, fruit-flavored candies in a variety of flavors.

Mike and Ike

4. Mars Bar: Chocolate bar with nougat and caramel, similar to Milky Way.

Mars Bar

5. Milk Duds: Caramel candies coated in chocolate.

Milk Duds

6. Mounds: Coconut-filled candy bars covered in dark chocolate.


7. Milka Chocolate: Creamy European chocolate available in various flavors.

Milka Chocolate

8. Marzipan: Sweet almond paste often shaped into fruits or coated in chocolate.


9. Mentos: Chewy mints with a crisp outer shell, available in many flavors.


10. Mentos Gum: Chewing gum with the same crisp outer shell as Mentos mints.

11. Mint Patties: Soft mint centers coated in dark chocolate.

Mint Patties

12. Maltesers: Light, airy malt balls coated in milk chocolate.


13. Mallo Cups: Chocolate cups filled with creamy marshmallow.

Mallo Cups

14. Mamba: Chewy fruit-flavored candies in individually wrapped pieces.


15. Mary Jane: Peanut butter and molasses-flavored chewy candy.

Mary Jane

16. Marshmallow Peeps: Marshmallow candies shaped like chicks, popular during Easter.

Marshmallow Peeps

17. Mega Warheads: Extremely sour hard candies.

Mega Warheads

18. Milk Chocolate Coins: Chocolate shaped like coins and wrapped in gold foil.

Milk Chocolate Coins

19. Marshmallow Fluff: Spreadable marshmallow often used in sandwiches and desserts.

Marshmallow Fluff

20. Milk Chews: Soft, chewy milk-flavored candies.

Milk Chews

21. Mallowcreme Pumpkins: Candy corn-like candies shaped like pumpkins.

Mallowcreme Pumpkins

22. Moon Pie: Marshmallow sandwich coated in chocolate, often with a graham cracker crust.

Moon Pie

23. Maple Sugar Candy: Candy made from pure maple syrup.

Maple Sugar Candy

24. Mango Gummies: Soft, chewy candies with a sweet mango flavor.

Mango Gummies

25. Melon Hi-Chew: Japanese chewy candy with a melon flavor.

Melon Hi-Chew

26. Mars Fun Size: Miniature versions of the classic Mars Bar.

Mars Fun Size

27. Milk Chocolate Truffles: Smooth, creamy chocolate truffles.

Milk Chocolate Truffles

28. Marshmallow Twists: Twisted marshmallow ropes.

Marshmallow Twists

29. Mint Imperials: Small, round mint candies with a hard shell.

Mint Imperials

30. Mojito Candy: Mint and lime-flavored hard candies inspired by the cocktail.

Mojito Candy

31. Mentos Fruit: Fruit-flavored version of the classic Mentos mints.

Mentos Fruit

32. Marshmallow Santas: Marshmallow candies shaped like Santa Claus, popular during Christmas.

Marshmallow Santas

33. Milk Toffee: Soft, creamy toffee made with milk.

Milk Toffee

34. Maple Nut Goodies: Peanut and maple-flavored clusters.

35. Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge: Fudge with a mint and chocolate chip flavor.

Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge

36. Milk Chocolate Pretzels: Pretzels coated in smooth milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Pretzels

37. Melon Rings: Gummy candies shaped like rings with a melon flavor.

Melon Rings

38. Mango Sour Belts: Tangy, sour belts with a mango flavor.

Mango Sour Belts

39. Marshmallow Bears: Gummy bears with a marshmallow texture.

Marshmallow Bears

40. Macaroon Bars: Chocolate bars with a coconut filling.

Macaroon Bars

41. Mango Lollipops: Hard candy lollipops with a mango flavor.

Mango Lollipops

42. Maple Candies: Candies made from pure maple syrup.

Maple Candies

43. Mint Creme Oreo: Oreo cookies with a mint-flavored creme filling.

Mint Creme Oreo

44. Malted Milk Balls: Crunchy malt balls coated in milk chocolate.

Malted Milk Balls

45. Matcha Kit Kat: Japanese Kit Kat bars with a green tea flavor.

Matcha Kit Kat

46. Milk Chocolate Peanuts: Peanuts coated in milk chocolate.

47. Mint Chip Ice Cream Bar: Ice cream bar with a mint and chocolate chip flavor.

Mint Chip Ice Cream Bar

48. Mango Fruit Snacks: Chewy fruit snacks with a mango flavor.

Mango Fruit Snacks

49. Marzipan Fruits: Marzipan shaped and colored to look like various fruits.

50. Mint Julep Chews: Soft, mint-flavored chewy candies.

Mint Julep Chews