Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling for A Professional Finish

Bathroom Ceiling

A bathroom is a place that needs to be clean, fresh, and mostly safe. This place of our house is where you should focus more when constructing your home or renovating it. It should be water-resistant and durable. To make such a type of bathroom, one should focus on its design features and painting. Regular paints will not give you those features or even a professional finish.

Ceiling paints are something that you should use to give your bathroom a professional touch. We are here with various paints that you should use in your bathroom ceilings.

Things to consider before deciding on a bathroom ceiling paint

Before you choose any particular bathroom ceiling paint, make sure to consider the following things:

  • Check if the bathroom is properly ventilated with a small window or a good extractor fan or not.
  • When there is a good ventilation system, condensation will not build up much.
  • Also, if you plan to paint your bathroom ceiling along with your shower, make sure to use water-resistant paint.

Different types of professional paint for bathroom ceiling

Some of the best-known and popular paints that can be used in the bathroom are as follows. These paints will give a professional finish to your bathroom without any problem.

1.    Semi-gloss paint

This type of paint is a mixture of high levels of polyurethane. These will make your bathroom ceilings look elegant and full of space. It leaves a gloss finish after use that shines and provides a lustrous look. This type of paint is highly durable and reflects more light which makes the bathroom look brighter. If you have a small bathroom, you can make use of this semi-gloss paint to make it more shiny.

2.     Moisture resistant paint

While you bathe in the hot shower, you may have noticed that it leaves out a lot of moisture and steam. This steam goes up to the ceiling and makes your ceiling paint soft due to which it cracks. To avoid this situation, you can use moisture-resistant paint that does not break or get mold even when wet particles come in contact with them.

3.    Satin paint

This type of paint is a little bit less shiny than the semi-gloss paint. This paint gives a durable sheen to the ceiling and is one of the best paint finishes for bathroom ceilings. However, many people claim that this paint may start showing cracks or patches when it is prone to heavy moisture conditions. So, if your bathroom has more natural light and proper ventilation, you can use this satin paint to give a professional finish to your bathroom ceiling.

4.    Air-purifying paint

We all face a distinct odor in the bathroom sometimes. This is because bathroom doors are closed after use. This makes it necessary to use air-purifying paints in the bathroom, as they not only purify the air but also make your bathroom look unique and fresh. If any VOCs are present in the air inside the bathroom, this paint absorbs them and replaces them with their freshness.

5.    High gloss paint

To give your bathroom ceilings a more dramatic look and a highly gloss feeling, you can opt for this type of paint. This paint gives you more like a mirror effect which makes the ceiling surface and texture more perfect. You can use this high gloss paint to give your bathroom a professional statement.

Top paint primers to use on bathroom ceilings

Even though it is good to use 100% acrylic and water-based latex paint, various other kinds of paints are there that you can experiment with. Semi-gloss paints are ones that are best suited and recommended by experts for the professional touch.

However, there are two major paint primers that must be used for your bathroom ceilings:

1.    Latex primer

The primer is used to give a lamination feeling or finish on the ceilings. It not only looks good but also reflects light, which ultimately makes the bathroom look bright. This kind of primer usually dries within three to four hours. They are water-soluble and are considered the best choice for small bathrooms.

2.    Oil based primer

When you do not use steamy showers or when heavy moisturizers are not released inside your bathroom, you can go with this oil-based primer. This gives you more of a wooden feel. This coating keeps your paint contracted and does not let it expand. You can use this primer to get more of a laminated wooden touch on your ceilings.

The bottom line

These are some best types of paints and primers that you can use on your bathroom ceiling to give it a professional finish. If you do not know which brand you should use, some top picks for brands are Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin Williams, Berger, Asian paints, etc.