China Town Restaurant in Washington DC

China Town Restaurant

Various cultural and religious attractions are there in Chinatown. Chinatown is a small area located in Washington, DC. This place is best to visit if you want to have an authentic lunch. Chinatown is a place that has become popular with Michelin stars and chic boutiques for downtown fashionistas. Several new DC residents are reimaging themselves to live here, but still, the original magic of Chinatown remains the same.

Here is the list of Chinatown restaurants that will help offer you the best dishes and vibe to enjoy the authenticity of the place.

1. Daikaya

This restaurant is in the middle of the market, and welcomes all shoppers and diners to sit, relax, and have some amazing food here. Daikaya is a small restaurant located at the lower levels of Chinatown that offers the best ramen. Drinks of this place are known for its history. A Japanese establishment drink called Izakaya offers mind-blowing and relaxing drinks that can be accompanied by hot chili ramen here. This place is ideal for family meals, friends hangouts, or social gatherings.

2. Cranes

This restaurant offers the most delicious cuisines and has a monochromatic and contemporary room setting. The colours used in interior decor are best to attract large crowds. This place has a blend of Japanese and Spanish cuisine viewpoints. This is a Michlin-star restaurant that combines different flavors and creates a unique culinary cuisine – Spanish Kaiseki. You can also find delicious desserts that give you a last minute toast.

3. Zaytinya

This restaurant is located on 9th Street in North West Washington, DC. This place never fails to win its customer’s hearts. No matter whether you are going to Zaytina for the first time or several times, the vibe will be the same.

The staff here is very friendly, and the interior is winterized with patio greets, towering ceilings, and a blue Mediterranean look. The menu here has an interpretation of Greek, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisines. The bread served here is soft and thin, when served hot, it gives an amazing taste to the diners.

4. Farmers and distillers

The Farmers and Distillers is the most famous restaurant in the Massachusetts neighborhood. This restaurant gives a taste and texture of American-fusion cuisines. However, the menu of the restaurant is an interesting mix of Asian food and southern comfort food.

The starters served here range from garlic knots to ahi tuna bites. You can also get any of your favorite drinks from vodka, gin, or burdon cocktails.

5. Fig & Olive

Fig and Olive is a part of the City center in DC. It bestows the customers’ tastes by serving them the Italian flare blended with olive oil naturality. This restaurant’s most versatile and magical partner is olive oil, as suggested by name. The fresh local oils are produced and used in the kitchen.

Moreover, there is also a square bar with a 360-degree viewpoint. The bar area allows people to come and sip their favorite drinks on the bright bar stool. Furthermore, the restaurant has window seating that offers more of a lounge feeling, sofas here are soft, and even tables are elegantly handled.

6. CHAIA Chinatown

This restaurant is heaven for vegetarians. It serves the best veggie tacos in the town. CHAIA has many branches, and it is one of the third branches in downtown DC. The restaurant is loved by people, and its journey from Georgetown to Chinatown is inspiring. Tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas are the best items with melting cheese and handmade tortillas are produced fresh. 

Apart from food, the interior of this place is also very amazing as it has limited indoor seating arrangements. This makes it less crowded at a time. The wood accents give a more aesthetic look and the light fixtures and green plants keep you in the warm mood around the dining room.

7. Centrolina

This restaurant in Chinatown has a very unique interior which offers a more warm and welcoming feel to the customers. The geometrical dining room gives you a pleasant vibes, where you can enjoy one of the most preferable and asked dishes of the restaurant.

Italian staples and fresh pasta from the chef here is very tasty and is a must-eat dish. Furthermore, it has a bar seating and outdoor patio with an open kitchen in the centre to give customers a more trendy and comfortable dining experience.

The bottom line

If you are visiting Washington DC, don’t skip Chinatown, as here you will not only experience different cultures and beliefs but also get a taste of drizzling foods. Chinatown has been the ultimate weekend destination for every kid and youngster living around there. So, if you are craving to eat something unique, you can visit Chinatown and explore the above-mentioned restaurants.