Color schemes for Kitchens with Hickory Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet

Having the perfect blend of rustic design and long-lasting finish, hickory cabinets always attract homeowners for a taste of traditional kitchen charm. In comparison to other kitchen cabinets hickory kitchen cabinets are more expensive. Are you worried about what color goes with hickory kitchen cabinets that go perfectly? Then you are in the right place. I hope this article will help you in giving your kitchen cabinet an opulent look. Firstly, hickory is famous for its dramatic and drastic variation of hues. There are several color schemes for kitchens with hickory cabinets as follows – Grey Greens, Earthy browns and beige, Cool grey and blues, Amber, Extra white, Moody blue, Muted yellow etc.  Here we are sharing some color schemes for kitchens with hickory cabinets that go perfectly. The color schemes for your kitchen depend on its size and the prevailing colors.

  • Neutral colors are always best-cooperating color that work well with both dark and light tones.

Cool Grey and blues:

Hickory wood is known for its versatility of hues. Yet cool grays and blues together will add beauty to your hickory kitchen cabinet. So you can try this color combination. You may use the same soft blue color in the walls, cabinets and ceilings.

Grey Greens:

Our all-around nature is lush green. So green color stands for nature. Adding shades of green to your hickory kitchen cabinet kitchen, you can get a rustic charm. So you can try this color scheme for your pretty kitchen.

Earthy Browns and Beiges:

With hickory wood’s natural color, the earthy browns and beiges will match beautifully. This color scheme will increase the charm of the kitchen cabinet. In this case, beige or light brown backsplashes will give your kitchen with hickory cabinets a modern touch. So undoubtedly you can try out this color combination.

Rich Leather:

Rich Leather holds a deep brown with a chocolate undertone. In the presence of light or daytime, it may look like dark brown. The hickory wood exudes dark brown and white. So rich leather will go with the hickory kitchen cabinets. This will enhance the aesthetic beauty. On the other hand, the leather being rich in quality, it is very easy to erase the mess in the kitchen.


In the color wheel, Amber is known for its pure chroma color wheel. Web designers and developers choose this color. Adding this color to the countertops, you can give your hickory kitchen cabinets a marvellous look. So you can try this out and be satisfied.

Warm Taupes:

Warm Taupe is an elegant color. This neutral color shade is located between brown and gray. When it is a matter of painting your kitchen walls having a hickory kitchen cabinet, you may consider this color scheme for a nit look.

Natural Stone:

Countertops are of great importance in the kitchen. Marble is one of the natural stones. It is used to make sculptures from ancient age. So you may consider marble countertops alongside the hickory kitchen cabinet to have a soothing look. In the same way, your backsplash should be made up of the same natural stone.