Dog friendly restaurants in Washington DC

Dog Friendly Restaurant
Women with pet meeting in dog friendly cafe. Girl friends communicate and drinking tea sitting in modern restaurant or bar who welcomes domestic animals at cityscape view, Cartoon vector illustration

Dogs have been regarded as humans’ friends since prehistoric times. We know that dogs have played an important role in the domestication of animals. In Neolithic times, they have acted as the guard or watchdog. But now, dogs are seen not only as pets but also as faithful and loyal companions. So, it is obvious that dog owners would want to carry their friends to their favourite places like restaurants.

Hovercer, not every restaurant allows dogs on their premises, which can create discomfort with the dog owners. So, it is very important to find a place that allows dogs and is dog-friendly. The environment needs to be cozy and preferably serve dog foods. If you visit Washington DC, you can easily find one such restaurant that is dog friendly. Here is the list of dog-friendly restaurants in Washington, DC.

1.   Art and Soul

This restaurant has a very thoughtful and blissful atmosphere. The food is incredible here, both in taste and ingredients. This pet-friendly restaurant offers special treats like ‘Pooch patio’ and sirloin burgers for your pet. So, as you eat and have fun, your dog will not be bored. They would enjoy the restaurant’s surroundings with delicious special food for him.

2.   Prost DC

The Prost DC offers authentic German taste and food. It is located in the heart of Washington. The restaurant has an outdoor dining area properly covered and protected for your pet. This restaurant welcomes you with your furry little companion to sit and enjoy the delicious vibes of the area. The staff here is also pet-friendly and likes to serve both you and your pet. To enjoy and have great fun, visit here once in a while with your dog.

3.   Residents Cafe and Bar   

On 18th street in Washington, DC, this restaurant is located with its beautiful interior and outdoor patio. This Residents Cafe and Bar offers you their best service with flowers and provides a serene and tranquil environment. The menu has many classic items and American dishes for vegan as well as non-vegan. So, if you are vegan, don’t worry you can get non non-vegetarian option for your dog.

4.   Wunder Garten

This outdoor restaurant is known for its Bohemian-style interior and dining spaces. It is a large corner with a beer garden located in the Massachusetts neighbourhood. This is a dog-friendly restaurant and often serves special treats to pets from their side. In the restaurant, you will mostly find German Shepards, as they get attracted to such restaurants easily. And people also love to visit Wunder Garten to hang out and spend time in serenity.

5.   No Goodbyes

This restaurant is located on the very first floor of the most famous hotel in Washington, DC. No Goodbyes is a classic and casual dining area with a rotation menu full of American-European dishes. They offer the best outdoor seating space for dogs and dog owners. The staff offers warm water to dogs to keep them cherished and happy. The coffee of this place is very famous, and it also offers fresh pastries that are best comb to have early morning.

6.   Farmers, Fishers, Bakers

The other most popular and beautiful restaurant for dog friendly area is Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers. This restaurant offers multiple cuisines for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If you want to have seafood, fresh meat, bread, or pastries, you can come to this place anytime. This outdoor patio offers fresh and large quantities of food that can be sufficient for you and your little companion. This is situated near Georgetown Waterfront Park, and has very unique interior and vibes.

7.   il Canale

il Canale is a dog-friendly restaurant with an outdoor seating arrangement. You can soak up its vibe and come to dine here whenever you are in this city. The restaurant offers illustrious and authentic dishes. Every type of Italian dish you can find here. Its speciality is Sicilian with authentic pizzas and desserts. You can go to this place with your pet, and allows your dog to enjoy its environment.

8.   RedRocks Pizza

The pizzas are love and so are your puppies. So, why not have a pizza with your dog? Sounds good! RedRocks Pizza offers you the best pizzas in the city. The owner also provides a side dish with pizza as a compliment to offer your promising experience. This restaurant at Columbia Heights has a dog-friendly patio and offers many dishes for your furry companion too. So, never say no to grabbing a slice with your furry little pie.

The bottom line

Now, these are some most popular restaurants that are dog-friendly and offer the best dishes in the town. All these restaurants cannot be missed, so whenever you visit Washington DC, and have a pet with you, do not forget about these places. However, if you are living in Washington, cherish the vibe of these places with your cute puppies.