How much does it cost to Reupholster a Chair?

reupholstering a old chair

Reupholstering a chair can be a daunting task. Before reupholstering a chair you need to keep several things in your mind frame condition, cushion condition, quality, sentimentality and cost. If you have an age-old chair with wear and chair, stained fabric and flat or lumpy padding. This chair may be the only memory of your grandma or grandpa and if you want to keep it in memory of them then you can keep it by doing some treatment. Through reupholstering you can keep it. Of course, you should calculate if the cost of reupholstering it is less expensive than buying a new chair.

The price of reupholstering may vary according to the type, size and style of the chair. For example- a small chair with a small quantity of fabric will require less cost than reupholstering a chair with ample padding. Several steps are needed to be done as follows- removing and replacing the fabric, padding and decorative trim. The labour cost might be costlier if the chair has a complex design.

Factors in calculating the cost to reupholster a chair:

As I previously mentioned the cost of reupholstering a chair may vary depending on the chair type, fabric type, the amount of fabric required, transportation price and the labour.

Chair type:

The pricing of reupholstering a chair depends on the type of chair or chair cushion. Generally, those chairs with complex designs will take more time and will be costlier. On the other hand, some chairs such as dining chairs, office chairs, leather chairs, bergere chairs, wingback chairs and an armchair require less reupholstering charge.

Fabric type:

The type of needful fabric plays an important role while reupholstering a chair. Fabrics are needed for the seats, backs and cushions. For your guide, we have given below the average prices of some commonly used fabric types and materials so that you can choose according to your affordability.

Fabric typeAverage price (per yard)
Bamboo$ 20 to $ 50
Denim$ 20 to $ 50
Faux leather$ 10 to $ 20
Cotton blend$ 25 to $ 50
Leather$ 40 to $ 60
Silk$ 60 to $ 80
Wool$ 60 to $ 100
  • Cotton and cotton blend fabrics have been a popular choice down the ages as they are easily maintainable and long-lasting. Organic fabrics are soft and breathable. There are several options of natural fabrics such as–denim, bamboo, silk, linen, linen blend, cotton, cotton blends, wool, wool blends and mohair. But silk, leather and wool are more expensive and need proper handling.
  • Synthetic fabrics are another option with which you may go. There are several options as follows – Acrylic, acetate, Nylon, Polyester, Vinyl and faux leather. Colorfast and stain-resistant acrylic is a popular choice. It is also resistant to fading and sun damage in comparison to natural fabrics. We have given different types of synthetic fabrics and their average price in the table.
Synthetic Fabric typeAverage price (per yard)
Olefin$ 15 to $ 35
Sunbrella$ 25 to $ 45
Crypton$ 20 to $ 40
Chenile$ 20 to $ 45

Fabric amount:

Before deciding the fabric amount, you should keep in mind several things as – size, style and type of chair. At first measure the front, back and sides and don’t forget to add an inch for seam allowances. Next, you need to take the measurement of the frame to make sure the account for any areas to be covered in fabric. When you are done with the measurement, divide each measurement by 36 to calculate the yardage required for upholstering your chair.


Again labor cost also depends on the chair type & the amount of damage and the complexity required. Generally, reupholstering services cost range between $40 to $ 100 per hour of work. We have given a table related to service cost according to different types of chairs.

Upholstery serviceCost
Cuhion reupholstery$ 17.50 to $ 250 per piece
Dining chair reupholstery$ 35 to $ 100 per piece
Ottoman or footstool reupholstery$ 95 to $ 150 per piece
Simple chair and armchair reupholstery$ 250 to $ 450 per piece
Recliner reupholstery$ 500 and above per piece
Lounge and sofa reupholstery$ 550 to $ 1,750 per set


According to the size of the chair, the transportation cost is decided. Sometimes, a reupholstery professional can solve a little bit job on- site then you don’t need to be worried. On the other hand, if the chair is large enough to be carried away from a reupholstering facility, then you have to bear the expense of transportation fees. Generally, the transportation fee can range between $100 and $ 300.

Additional Costs and Considerations:

It is better to consider additional price factors because the tasks may exceed expectations. The additional costs involve framing, tufting and nail heads.

Upholstery or Structural repairs:

While upholstering a chair, then framing, tufting and nail heads are the most expensive parts to be repaired. The cost of repairing the frame may cost you $ 200 to $ 400. The cost of tufting and nail heads may charge you an additional $ 100 to $ 500 on top of the $ 715 national average.

How to save on reupholstering Costs:

If you consider some ways, you can save your money.

  • Considering less expensive materials like polyester or nylon can save your money.
  • By balancing between price and quality, your consideration of durable material can save your money.
  • After the reupholstering is done, if you have your own access to a truck for carrying it from the professional’s workshop, you can save a few hundred dollars.