How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Hard Water Stains

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are the main attraction of the master bathroom. It is what makes your bathroom look classy and stylish. However, even though it’s the most attractive part of your shower corner, it can give you a hard time when it comes to its cleaning. The regularly used showers left watermarks on the glass door. At first, it might look easy to wipe out those marks but they aren’t as easy as they seem. If you have a hard water supply in your locality then you can’t help but to deal with those marks. No worries, we have come up with some solutions which can bring back the beauty of your glass shower like before.

Some methods to clean glass shower doors are given below:-

1. Distilled White Vinegar, Warm water, and dishwashing soap

Cleaning glass shower doors using vinegar is an easy solution as the tools it needs are easily available in a household. The tools that are required are White Vinegar, dishwashing soap, and Warm water. Take a bucket and pour two cups of warm water, one cup of white vinegar, and a small amount of dish soap. Mix the solution well and use a cloth to dump in it to wipe the glass shower door. You can also wear gloves to avoid the smell of vinegar. Now wipe the glass shower door well while applying a little pressure on the hard water marks. Then use a sponge or another clean cotton cloth to wipe the solution off the glass shower door. Now you have a shiny, brand-new-looking glass shower door in front of you. Moreover, you can also store this solution in a spray bottle and reapply it whenever needed.

2. Vinegar and Water

Vinegar and Water also work well when it comes to cleaning the glass door of the shower. The application process is similar to the above solution. Put the solution in a bucket that contains two cups of water and one cup of Vinegar. Mix well and use a cotton cloth to clean the glass shower door. Later using another clean cotton cloth or sponge wipe the glass clean and you are ready with a clean glass shower door. However, you can also put the solution in a spray bottle and apply it every week to avoid hard water stains for a long time. You can also use dish soap in the solution as we mentioned earlier for a more shinier finish, however, you can ship that product too and get a clean look.

3. Dryer sheet

Dryer sheets are another widely used method for cleaning hard water stains from glass doors. This method works quite well and cleans the glass door nicely. However, the method might increase an extra step as the dryer sheets leave behind a little film on the glass. However, this stain is not that tough to clean and can be wiped out very easily.

To use dry sheets in cleaning glass doors all you need is to moist the sheets a little. Then use it to clean or wipe the glass shower door. You will see the hard water stains on the glass are easily removed and you are gifted with a shiny glass shower door.

4. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Lemon juice and baking soda are another very helpful and natural method of cleaning glass shower doors. The hard water stains get neutralized when they come in contact with citric acid present in lemon juice along with a baking soda solution that works very well. Now, to use this method, make a solution of lemon juice and baking soda. Make sure to prepare a thin solution by keeping the percentage of lemon juice a little bit more than baking soda. For that, you can take half a lemon and one-fourth baking soda solution. Mix the solution to make a paste. Then apply the solution on the glass shower door with the help of a cloth or hands. To clean the paste, use a clean sponge or cloth. Wipe off the remaining solution or you can also pour water before wiping the shower glass for thorough cleaning. Use this method once a week or once in 15 days to keep your shower door clean like new.

5. Professional help

Sometimes it becomes impossible to clean hard water marks from shower glass doors. If water drops remain uncleaned for quite a long time then these home remedies might not be helpful. In such a situation try to seek professional help. Professional cleaners have adequate equipment and tools to clean glass shower doors easily without much hassle and will leave you with a brand new super Clean glass door. So you can try this solution if nothing works.

These are the few methods you can try if you are also tired of ugly-looking uncleaned marks on glass shower doors.

What causes hard water marks on the glass shower door

The quality of water differs in different localities. In some areas, there is a naturally soft water supply while in some other localities, there is a hard water supply. Now, you might think, what is hard water? The water that you use daily might look like regular water unless it settle on the surfaces and create an unpleasant look. Hard water is also like regular water but has more quantity of minerals in it. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These two minerals make the water hard and when the water evaporates, the minerals leave their marks on the surface. These marks look unclean and cannot be wiped out with normal water.


Everyone wishes for an aesthetic bathroom look. Glass shower doors play an important part in maintaining such escthecity. However, the above-mentioned 5 methods are extremely helpful if you are tired of hard water marks on glass shower doors.  Water softeners are also available in the market if hard water is a serious issue in your locality. In case, these remedies aren’t working, try taking professional help.