How to get rid of German Cockroaches overnight?

A brown cockroach

From then times cockroaches have been the cause of worry to every family. How to get rid of German cockroaches? Is the uppermost question in everyone’s mind. Out of 4,600 species, about 30 species are associated with human habitats. Among these species, the gregarious German cockroach species have an elaborate social structure. These German roaches live on every continent except Antarctica.

However, the presence of German cockroaches is most common in the United States. According to their life- cycle, most cockroaches can’t exist in colder temperatures. It is very difficult to take control of these dirty pests as they multiply in rapid growth. The German cockroach lives on leftover food and water. They can come from your neighbouring apartments. True life of the cockroaches begins as soon as you switch off the light, they start infecting diseases.

So, cleaning and sanitizing your home on a regular basis, is very necessary to stay away from these German cockroaches’ infestations. The most terrifying fact is that these roaches come in contact with bacteria and they walk over food serving surfaces and utensils. This is how they are responsible for the spreading of some threatening diseases such as – Campylobacteriosis, listeriosis, salmonellosis etc. Well, it is time to say goodbye to the problems caused by the German cockroaches. In this article, we will tell some means to escape from the infestations of the German cockroach.


At first, find out if the infestations are taking place exactly due to the German roaches or not. It is very important to identify them first before taking any preventive measures otherwise you can be misguided. The German cockroaches are usually ½  inch in length. They are light brown to tan in color along with two dark stripes on their backs, right behind their head. The female cockroaches of this species are darker in comparison to the males. Both of them have fully grown wings. They prefer to run. A female roach can produce 4 to 6 ootheca during their course of life with each containing 30 to 40 eggs. These eggs look like tiny brown capsules.


Once you have identified them, the next step is to find out their habitation. These German cockroaches are usually found in human dwellings, such as restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, homes and apartments. They are typically found in kitchens, bathrooms, behind cabinets and appliances, switch boxes and electrical outlets, and under or behind the refrigerator.

Signs of German cockroach infestation:

Look for droppings (usually known as insects’ poop), musky smell and Exoskeletons and traces of egg cases.

Step-by-step treatments for getting rid of the German roaches:

After discovering the presence of the German roaches, you may go for demolishing them. We have given below some steps that will help you to eradicate these German cockroaches.

Conducting a deep clean and sanitization:

There is no alternative to cleaning and sanitizing your sweet home. Give your attention to the areas where these German cockroaches prevail. Here a high suction vacuum cleaner will come into action. It will suck up dirt, hair, dust and even the cockroaches and their droppings. Make sure that no pet food is lying anywhere. Collect all the soft drink bottles and cardboard boxes and place them in the garbage bins.  In the meantime push the furniture, bins and other home appliances to check for cockroaches. After that, sanitize the entire house. So, no dirt no cockroach.

Seal all food sources:

Like other insects, these German cockroaches also need food to survive. Generally, they are attracted to chips, cookies, cereals and flour. So, if you clean thoroughly after the job is done make sure that there are no scrapes of food. Without food, they can’t survive at all. Don’t remember to seal any cracks and holes. Following these measures, you can make your home cockroach-free.

Block off the sink:

Any wet places are suitable for these German cockroaches. This place is also the source of water for them. So, blocking off the sink is another way to restrain the German cockroaches.

Applying German cockroach control product:

If you are unsuccessful in controlling the infestation entirely, then you can use a German cockroach control product. There are several pesticides in the market but baits and insecticides will be perfect. Just apply baits in any visible cracks and they will be killed after being poisoned. The Insect Growth Regulator is also another weapon to destroy their breeding cycle. Pest control is the last option for you to get rid of the existing cockroaches. You can seek help from a pest controller.