How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal with Standing Water

Clogged kitchen sink

A clogged garbage disposal is the most disturbing thing one can face while entering the kitchen. There might be a lot of reasons for clogged water and garbage in the bottom of your sink. The first step is to identify the reason for such water pooling. After identification comes the rectification of the problem. You can get help from professional plumbers but sometimes you should wear that hat too. You need not to worry because we have listed out the easiest solutions that you can apply easily. There is nothing to freak out or to destroy your morning peace. Keep reading the article to flush your problem down and continue your day with a bright smile.

These listed items are the common reasons for clogged garbage disposal with standing water:-

 Make sure to keep these in mind before disposal of these items as they are the main and the most common culprits for clogged disposals.

A big chunk of food:-

Big chunks of food or leftover food items that can’t be easily flushed out should be mindfully disposed of. Food items such as peels of vegetables, egg shells, peas, etc gunk up the disposal. Over time they clog the drainage and lead to standing water in the sink. To flush out the debris use a wrench to move the blades around which will help in breaking up the clogged items.

Grease and oils:-

Grease and oils might look liquidy and less harmful but these items are another common problem of clogged garbage disposal. Grease and oils when disposed of look liquidy and can be easily flushed down the sink. But when these items cool down they take a solid form and close the path for other items to sneak out. In such a situation pour some hot water along with some dishwasher. This will easily break them up and flush them out.

Non-edible items:-

Non-edible stuff such as a fork, spoons, packets, etc if accidentally get in the garbage disposal it can create a clog and can’t go easily just by the water. In such a situation avoid using your hand and instead use pliers with the help of which try to take them out.

Low maintenance:-

Lack of maintenance is another reason for clogged garbage disposal with standing water. Regular maintenance or checking-up disposal reduces the intensity of clogged sinks. Avoiding this will result in the building up of food particles. Thus regular maintenance is an important step.

For cleaning use grinding ice cubes that will sharpen the blades and lemon peels to kill the bad odor. Make sure to check blockages on a regular basis.

Time and usage:-

If your garbage disposal has been on duty for too long, it might be time to retire now.

Try replacing your old garbage disposal or call a plumber online or from nearby to solve the problem.

Tips to clean and unclog garbage disposal with standing water:-

If you face a situation where your garbage disposal is clogged with standing water and the above steps didn’t work then get ready, it’s time for some real action.

  1. Remove P-Trap

P-Trap is the plastic pipe that connects the sink to the drain. The first step of unclogging is the removal of the P-Trap. The pipe can be found easily under the sink. Reach with your hands and simply rotate while trying to unscrew it. Apply a little pressure as it might be stuck and tight. Try loosening the screw from both the side, the sink, and the drain hole and removing the pipe. After removing the P-Trap identify the item that was creating the clog.

  1. Sink Plunger

A sink Plunger is also very helpful in solving the clogged garbage disposal problem. In case pliers or wrenches aren’t working, try with a plunger. Place the plunger on the sink drain and push it while applying pressure. If sufficient pressure is applied it will push the object out of the way and resolve the clogging issue.

  1. Drain snake

A drain snake is another tool that pulls out the clogged object easily. For using a drain snake place it in the drain and bend it in the shape of the sink drain. This device is flexible and can easily coil the sink tube to remove the object that is clogging the drain. Use a plier to grab one end of the drain snake and pull using force which will pull out the stuck item as well. Make sure to twist it or bend it in the shape of the drain.

  1. Pliers

As we all know pliers are extremely useful and easy to use in removing clogged objects from the garbage disposal drain. Pliers can easily grab the object and remove it from the way and continue the easy passage of water. Pliers are helpful in removing unwanted items such as hair, stuck plastics, etc, and are also user-friendly.


Clogged garbage disposal is a serious problem and if not unclogged as soon as possible it can turn your house into a mess. Not only does it look dirty, it also has an extremely bad odor. Try to find out the reason for the blockage of water in the sink. After identification comes the rectification part. Follow the above-mentioned tools to unclog garbage disposal with standing water easily. Try to do it yourself. If needed, reach for a professional without hesitation. As they always know better. Once a problem is solved don’t repeat the same mistake. Do regular cleaning and unclogging processes for a smooth experience.