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Exterior of house

In this universe, everyone wants to paint his/her house’s exterior aesthetically beautiful and cohesive. With the passing away of time, the trend of paint color is also subjected to changing course but when it is the turn to paint your sweet home’s exterior then you must be choosy. It is your house’s exterior where you can do something to draw the attention of others. Depending on the natural surroundings, structural style and exterior material, you should paint your house’s exterior. If you are troublesome in choosing a modern exterior house paint color then it is time say goodbye. We are sharing top exterior color trends for your house.

Green Exterior Color scheme:

Green is a versatile color. The beige color will be complementary to your house’s trim alongside natural stone pavement with warm shades of green. Hunter green doors and shake shingles lower roof will go perfectly with the house’s soft sage green grassland.

Neutral exterior paint color Scheme:

Instead of bright paint colors, you can go with an all-neutral palette that will look beautiful with hits of black. If your entire exterior is clad in beige color and you want to give it an ecstatic look then paint your shutters and front door in black. Use white color on the trim.

All black Everything:

All black everything is a courageous choice. A bright red door and white windows will make this trend hit.

Elegant Exterior color scheme:

You can give your home exterior by using a supplementary color that complements the primary color. This will work well as it enhances a color scheme. A deep green-gray house with a copper roof and wooden door with a coating of copper surely will give your house’s exterior a modern look.

Dark Accents:

You can try traditional gray with dark accents for your house’s exterior. Blackish doors and white patched windows will add a modern look to the exterior.

Classic Exterior paint color:

If you are looking for modern exterior house paint colors then this classic exterior paint color will be a perfect choice. Warm beige siding and white windows and railing bars will match with the dark bronze styled lantern on both side of the window.

Marine Blue:

Marine blue is a dark shade of blue color. For painting this color is a bold choice. If your house is white in color then you can add marine blue in the trims to get a modern look.

Primary color scheme:

Red, yellow and blue known as RYB, are the primary colors. It is used to mix a wide range of hues. These colors are complementary. In a blue-colored home, a yellow door and patches of red will be fantastic. So you can try this color combination.

Sandy Brown:

The sandy brown color is a shade of brown color. This is a yellowish-gray color. It is similar to the beach color. So sandy brown along with darker brown trim will create a modern look.

Exterior Color scheme with Wood:

Generally neutral colors are preferred for painting a house’s exterior with wood and will be a perfect choice. Warm color like orange with contrasting wood can be a good combination.

  • Before trying any of these color schemes, paint a few patches of every colors to get a perfect exterior color combination. I think the above-mentioned color schemes for modern exterior house paint must satisfy you.