Small Laundry Room ideas with top loading Washer

A Man Doing Laundry

Are you living in an apartment and thinking of a small laundry room with top loading washer? Then this article will be helpful in giving you ideas. I had a small room and then these small laundry room makeover ideas with top-loading washers occurred to my mind. I did not have enough space in my apartment so this idea became fruitful. Within a little space managing a small laundry room makeover can be challenging too. Yet it is possible through the proper implementation of plans.

Conflict between Front loading washing machines and Top loading washers and your choice:

In comparison to top-loading washers, front-loading washing machines are of wide popularity. Yet many people tend to use top-loading washers as they need less maintenance. On the other hand, it has some inconveniences too as you can’t stack all the essentials like dryer sheets, laundry detergents and stain removers on top of the washers. But don’t worry these ideas will be helpful in managing storage solutions and decors including trendy paint colours, wallpaper designs and beautiful flooring and lighting.

Decorating  Cabinets:

It is better to use the same shade of white colours while painting the cabinetry and walls to give your geometrical laundry room a gorgeous look. Installing a wood cabinet above the washer and dryer will manage additional storage.

Installing wallpaper:

Generally, we use wallpapers in our living room or dining room but using wallpaper all over the white cabinetry walls and ceiling might surprise you.

Use bright Light:

Using a chandelier light in the ceiling you can light up and brighten your small laundry room in no time.

Small Laundry Room with top loader:

To manage space, make white shelves above the washer and dryer. Here you can keep everything from laundry linens to small glass jars of detergent powder and wicker baskets. This will add opulent beauty to your small laundry room.

White Washer and Dryer in a Small closet:

You can stack a white washer and a dryer in the closet under the open wood shelves. Hang a matching white curtain on the wall to hide the washer and dryer.


To create color contrast you can apply blue, grey and white patterned tiles behind the dryer. Within this short space, you don’t have to spend much money to install tiles. The tiles will look glossy due to the chandelier light. I have set the tiles in such a way that it puzzles you.

Use your Machine’s Outer part:

Are you worried about space? Then don’t worry, there is a way to get rid of it. Stuck a wire basket to keep laundry-related objects but this wire basket or something else should be removable.

Turn the closet into a Laundry Room:

To settle the issue of having little space then you can manage storage by stacking your machines inside the closet. You can also use the backside of the door as hunger. Here you can add shelves.