The Best Plants for the Bedroom

Bedroom Plants

A bedroom is a place where you come to relax, so you should always keep your bedroom peaceful and green. To do so, you should keep green plants in your room. This helps in lightening your mood and keeps you fresh. Following are some plants that can be kept inside your bedroom.

1.   English Ivy

English ivy is one of the most attractive plants that you can have over your bed. These plants are good to keep indoors and are best at absorbing dirt and dust present inside the room. It filters out the air and removes all kinds of impurities. Many dirt and impurities like ammonia and formaldehyde can be found in the room if there is no plant. These plants must be kept in a dim to moderate light condition. Try not to keep them in direct sunlight, as due to high exposure they may die. As these plants are climbers, they tend to climb upwards on any surface that they can find. Moreover, you can also keep them in a hanging pot from where they can hang like tentacles.

2.   Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that requires less light and is best for bedrooms. So, if you want to keep this plant in your room, make sure to keep it on the window where sunlight is enough. This plant needs at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight. This plant is also known for its health and skin benefits. Many people use it on hair to keep their hair nourished. This plant cures skin infections and prevents hair fall. It is a tropical succulent plant that does not require a lot of water. However,  you can keep it at the bed stand, where it can survive without much sunlight.

3.   Pothos

Pothos are plants that are mostly found in households. These plants can be simply put over shelves, dressing tables or can simply be hanged over the bed. This plant is best for those who don’t know much about plants, and do not have much time to spend on its care. This plan does not require lots of water or light. Water it once a day or twice.

4.   Monstera

Monstera, or the Swiss cheese plant, is the star of instagram. You must have spotted this plant in the background of some of the very famous podcasts on the social media platforms. This plant has a very distinct feature in that its leaves are naturally cut in a very uniform pattern.

One important thing to note here is that this plant is not ideal to have if you have pets in your house. The foliage of the monstera plant is irritating to pets such as cats and dogs.

5.   Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron Birkin is a gorgeous plant with white pinstripes that make it look elegant in the interiors. This Birkin grows fast and requires very little maintenance. However, you can keep this plant in the sunlight for an hour or two. This plant does not have any significant allergies associated with it, so it is a perfect choice for bedrooms.

6.   Peace lily

Peace lily is ideal for someone who is looking for a flowering plant that can be kept in the bedroom. This plant has glossy leaves and white flowers. This plant is often regarded as the best air freshener because it removes toxic chemicals or any allergies from the air. Peace lilies look best in a well-lit room where their beauty is best reflected. This plant is very easy to take care of as it only needs water when its topsoil gets dry.

7.   Rubber plant

If you are a fan of plants with glossy leaves, then the rubber plant is the one for you. This plant needs to be watered only once a week and only when the topsoil looks try on touching. Although this plant can easily survive under low light conditions, you need to leave this plant under sunlight once every week.

8.   Boston fern

Boston fern is a native plant of humid and swampy forests and has been used as a houseplant since the Victorian era. This is often regarded as sword fern due to its outlook, and it has a typical feather-like texture which is unlike in any other plant species. This makes this plant a perfect hanging plant in the bedroom.

However, this plant needs to be exposed to direct sunlight at least once a week. But it should be kept in moderate to light on a daily basis and sprayed with some water once every day.

Final words

These are some plants that you can keep in your bedroom without any tension. Moreover, it gives sound sleep and enables you to relax by diffusing toxins. We should try keeping plants in our bedroom even if space is limited.