Top 10 Restaurants with Live Music in Washington DC


Are you Travelling to Washington DC? Prepare a plan and a to-do list to enjoy your trip. There are many exciting places and restaurants to visit in Washington DC. But finding affordable and low-cost entertainment places is a little tricky.

This is because most of the places are filled with entertainment costs higher than the usual boring places. Thus, to help you with this, we are here with a list of the top 10 restaurants in Washington DC that offer live music, dancing floors, and all kinds of entertainment elements.

Top 10 Restaurants in Washington DC

If you want to know about the top 10 best low-cost and affordable entertainment restaurants in Washington DC, read the section below carefully, and then you will find the address of your choice.

1. The Hamilton

This restaurant is very famous for its entertaining dining place. Hamilton is located not far from the White House. This place is known for its gathering place and inventive dinner. If you are looking for a party place, you can come here and enjoy the exceptional way of celebration.

2. Madam’s organ


This place is where most people go to get crazy, as it is the best old-time hangout place with jazz music and dancing. The cuisine of the restaurant includes slow-cooked ribs, hot wings, calamari, etc. There are many exciting people who match your vibes. You can find your favourite musician performing at the music zone.


This multi-level restaurant is like a club that is known for its musical performances and DJ nights. The DJ team performs here often and creates a jazzing vibe on the floor for the crowd to dance and enjoy. The kitchen of this restaurant is filled with delicious foods and beverages ranging from burgers, and fried pickles, to alcoholic drinks.

4. Jammin Java

This restaurant has been working since 2001 in Vienna, Virginia. Every evening, there are several musicians performing their favourite songs to keep them cherished and excited. On weekends, there is a huge crowd cherishing the week off hours. Its foods include mainly desserts, cakes, and cocktails.

5. Brennan’s Bar & Carlyle Room

This restaurant offers the classic vibe of a restaurant in old times. The black-white theme with low light keeps the vibe low and nourishes it simply with beautiful music and slow rhythms. The menu of this restaurant is popular for beer-battered fish and bouillabaisse. So, if you want to go to a music restaurant but also want to have a peaceful environment, you can go to Brennan’s room.

6. The Anthem

This venue is located near Southwest Waterfront, which is popularly known for its vegan falafel wraps and pork bao buns. For a little heads up, you can enjoy the coffee bar here in the restaurant on the third floor. This venue offers mid-show jolts and musical performances that create a magical environment in the room.

7. Pearl Street Warehouse


This is another famous live music restaurant with the best menu and environment. The restaurant often calls artists, singers, and band teams to perform in the area and complement all the rock shows with their pretty voices. It keeps the audience in the restaurant full of life and makes the night a memorable one for everyone out there.

8. 9:30 Club

The other intimate rocking restaurant is the 9:30 Club. The venue hosts all-age artists and band teams to perform in their restaurant on popular and viral songs. It includes an impressive spot for live music and popular indie rock. It has dancing space, food, and bar areas for the customers to enjoy.

9. The Howard Theatre

This is a historic theatre of African-Americans which is known for Sunday brunches. Many artists have started their careers from here. It generates an eclectic mixture of genres and performances. You can enjoy some of the best music experiences in your life.

10. Echostage

Echostage is one of the largest and most popular live music venues in Washington. It has a large dance floor, bar service, and energetic musical performances. The food here is amazing. Kid Cudi and Sam Smith also perform here along with different popular artists. All the artists keep their energy high while performing here, as this place has the largest and biggest energetic crowd.


Hence, these are the top 10 most popular live music restaurants, which are known for their best musical performances. The DJ and band teams give you goosebumps by playing your favourite songs. You can vibe in with several others and join them in dancing. However, you can also simply sit back and enjoy the music with food. If you want to have a peaceful music experience, choose the one with such a peaceful vibe and environment.