What Is the Average Cost of a Walk-in Tub Installed

Walk-in tub

The average cost of a walk-in tub including installation ranges between $4000 to $20000. There are various factors that affect the pricing of the walk-in tub install. A walk in tub as the name suggests is a tub installed to improve the safety, security, and health of the entire family. People are now shifting from old-age tubs to walk-in tubs for better safety and value. This investment not only enhances your bathing experience but also provides a luxurious spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own house.

Now, a walk-in tub comes with various features. With the additional features, the price range also changes accordingly.

While installing a walk-in tub one has to keep in mind the other improvements or investments that it might demand. Along with the cost of a walk-in tub, you should also consider the installation charges, other accessories costs, and labor costs.  If your bathroom needs a new look with the newly installed tub to complement each other, in that case you have to consider that too.

What is the average cost of a walk-in tub installed?

The cost as we already discussed depends on various aspects. The more the features the higher the cost. Now take a look at the types of walk in tub options we have and what is their price range:-

Soaker walk-in tub

For a deep soaking and relaxing experience, soaker walk in tub is specially designed. The minimum cost of these tubs is $3500. However, as the features get added to such walk-in tubs such as improved drainage, aesthetic designs, and better material quality, the price increases gradually. The upper range of soaker walk-in tubs is $7500. At this price range, more special features such as heat retention capacity, premium material, customization facilities, etc are included.

Bariatric walk-in Tub

A bariatric walk-in tub is designed specifically for people who need more space to fit in. This walk in tub provides features such as wider doors, advanced hydrotherapy, fast fill faucets etc to fit in safely and comfortably. The lower range of such walk-in tubs is $4200 and the upper range is $11500. The highest-end models provide custom size options, relaxing jets, and best quality material and assure durability as well.

Walk-in tub and shower combo

This combo provides the facility of both a shower and a walk-in tub. Handheld showers, better door mechanisms, etc are some of its attractive features. However, as the prices increase more features keep getting added along with better finishing. The lower range of this combo walk-in tub is $3300 and the higher range is $8500.

Lay down walk-in tub

Lay down walk-in tub is a combo of traditional tub systems and modern walk-in tubs. This provides the facility of laying down to its user as the name itself suggests. The lower price range is $5000 which includes all the basic features. The highest price range of a lay-down walk-in tub is $8000 which includes better material quality, advanced hydrotherapy, aesthetic designs, and more.

Wheelchair Accessible Tub

These tubs are specially designed to shift easily from wheelchairs to bathtubs. The basic features of Wheelchair Accessible tubs are ADA-compliant seat heights. The price range starts from $4500 with some basic features. However as the prices increase some advanced features are adding like adjustable shower heads, advance jet systems, higher quality materials, customization, etc. The higher range of these tubs is $11500.

Hydromassage walk-in Tub

Hydromassage walk-in tubs are designed to provide spa-like treatment to the user. These tubs are thus also known as jacuzzi walk-in tubs. These are built with special jet massage features to offer a therapeutic experience. The beginning price of these tubs is $4400. You can get more features with the increase in the price range. More advanced features such as customized intensity, target therapy, etc. The highest price in this model is $12500 which provides advanced hydrotherapy technology.

2 person Walk in Tub

As the name suggests these tubs are designed to fit in two persons at the same time. The basic features are like two seats, more space and safety. The starting range is $5500. The higher range is $12500 which includes sophisticated designs, a jet control system for individuals, better materials, and more.

Cost depending on Material

The cost of walk-in tubs also depends on the material used to make it. Two materials such as acrylic or gel-coated fiberglass are used.

Acrylic walk-in Tub

The cost of Acrylic Walk in Tub ranges from $4000 to $10000. The price of these materials is mostly on the higher side due to the quality of the material. The Acrylic Walk Tub provides durability, gloss finish which gives a classy look, and is also scratch-resistant. Due to its amazing finish and quality, this material is a favored choice.

Gel-coated fiberglass Walktub

The gel-coated fiberglass walk-in tub ranges from $2500 to $6000. This tub material is cheaper as compared to Acrylic walk-in tub material. These tubs are generally lightweight, less durable, and cheap than Acrylic walk-in tubs. This option is suitable for budget-conscious users.

However, the price ranges of these tub materials may vary as more features are added. The price is fixed based on both material and additional features.

Installation and labor

It takes around $1500 to $3200 for professional installation and labor cost. This cost is included in the price of the tub itself. However, the labor cost further depends on your locality, tubs installation complexity and its size. The labor cost differs from area to area. Moreover, removal of the old tub and electrification if any also gets added.


The price of walk-in tubs depends on various factors such as material, features, customization and a lot more. One should go for the tubs according to their convenience and budget. In this article, we have listed numerous walk-in tub styles, features, and price ranges. Moreover, choose the material type that fits you the best. If you are looking for a durable and classy one go for an Acrylic Walk-in Tub and go for a gel-coated fiberglass walk-in tub if looking for cheaper options. Furthermore, if additional features are added to your tub then additional costs have to be borne too. Additional features such as a handheld shower wand, grab bars, quick drain technology, Headrest,  custom seat, etc might demand a few extra dollars. However, take time to make a suitable decision while keeping in mind the installation and labor costs as well.