What is the Opposite of Pink Colour?

Pink Colour

Hello friends, today we will discuss the opposite colour of Pink through this post. If you have come to our post to know about the opposite colour of Pink colour then you have come to the right place. Only the RGB colour model is considered as the opposite or complement of pink. Pink is usually a lighter shade of red and its complement is determined by subtracting its RGB values from the maximum values of the red, blue, and green channels.

First, Know the Color Complements

We first state that complementary concepts of colour play an important role in colour theory. If you know enough about colours then complementary colours are pairs of colours which when combined make a white or a neutral colour. For the red, green, and blue (RGB) colour model commonly used in digital displays today, the complementary colour of the rose is determined by subtracting its RGB value from the maximum value of each channel.

Anatomy of Pink Colour

The colour pink is usually associated with feelings of love, playfulness, and tenderness, and this rose colour is usually a lighter shade of red. The RGB value of the colour pink may change over time, but it can be represented as RGB in normal conditions. We subtract these values from the maximum RGB value (255 for each channel) to find its complementary colour.

Opposite Appear of Pink

When we calculate the complementary colour of pink and then the colour we get when combined with pink creates a shade of white. Contrasting colours usually consist of red, green, and blue elements. An 8-bit RGB scale can translate to a colour with an RGB value like this, causing a colour to appear as a shade.

What is the Complement of Pink?

To find the complement of any colour, simply subtract its RGB (red, green, blue) values from the maximum value in those channels to get the complementary colour. In the case of pink, the lightest shade of red, this complement must subtract the RGB values of pink from the maximum RGB value.

If we assume correctly, the maximum RGB value is 255 (for an 8-bit colour scale). Again the RGB value for pink can vary in any case. A typical representation might be something like RGB(255, 192, 203). The following section discusses the calculation of complementarity:

Complement Red = 255 – 255 = 0
Complement Green = 255 – 192 = 63
Complement Blue = 255 – 203 = 52

That is, by looking at the calculation above, you realized that the complementary colour value of pink would be a colour with RGB (0, 63, 52) values. Also, keep in mind that this supplement may not always be attractive or intuitive.


We hope that by reading this post you must have understood the opposite colour of Pink colour and also know what is the value of the opposite color. If you like our post then you can share it with your friends and family.