50 Candy that Starts with B

Candy that Starts with B

Exploring the world of candy offers a delightful journey through various flavors, textures, and cultural treats. From classic American favorites to unique international delights, there’s an endless array of sweet confections to satisfy any craving. In this list, we delve into 50 candies that start with the letter “B,” each bringing its own special twist to the candy spectrum. Whether you prefer the crunch of toffee, the chewiness of nougat, or the burst of fruity flavors, these candies represent a diverse selection of beloved treats enjoyed by many. Join us as we take a sweet tour through these “B” candies, each with a brief description to tantalize your taste buds and perhaps introduce you to a new favorite.

Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “B,” each with a brief description:

1. Butterfinger: Crispety, crunchety peanut butter candy bar covered in chocolate.


2. Baby Ruth: Nougat, caramel, and peanuts covered in chocolate.

Baby Ruth

3. Big Hunk: Chewy nougat bar with roasted peanuts.

Big Hunk

4. Bounty: Moist coconut filling coated in milk chocolate.


5. Bazooka Bubble Gum: Classic bubble gum with a unique, long-lasting flavor.

Bazooka Bubble Gum

6. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: Jelly beans in unusual and unique flavors inspired by Harry Potter.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

7. Black Jack: Licorice-flavored chewy candy.

Black Jack

8. Bit-O-Honey: Honey-flavored taffy with almond bits.


9. Butter Mints: Soft, melt-in-your-mouth mints with a buttery flavor.

Butter Mints

10. Bubblicious: Soft, chewy bubble gum known for its large bubbles.

11. Bottle Caps: Fizzy, soda-flavored candies shaped like bottle caps.

Bottle Caps

12. Boston Baked Beans: Candy-coated peanuts resembling baked beans.

Boston Baked Beans

13. Baby Bottle Pop: Lollipop shaped like a baby bottle, dipped in powdered candy.

Baby Bottle Pop

14. Bonkers: Fruit-flavored chewy candies with a burst of flavor inside.


15. Bubbaloo: Chewing gum with a liquid center.


16. Butter Toffee: Crunchy toffee with a rich butter flavor, often covered in chocolate.

Butter Toffee

17. Brach’s Candy Corn: Iconic tri-color candy pieces popular during Halloween.

Brach's Candy Corn

18. Bittersweet Chocolate: Dark chocolate with a slightly bitter taste.

Bittersweet Chocolate

19. Baci: Italian chocolates filled with hazelnuts and coated in dark chocolate.


20. Blow Pops: Lollipops with a bubble gum center.

Blow Pops

21. Big League Chew: Shredded bubble gum in a pouch, resembling chewing tobacco.

Big League Chew

22. Banana Laffy Taffy: Chewy, banana-flavored taffy candy.

Banana Laffy Taffy

23. Brownie Brittle: Thin, crispy brownie-flavored snack.

Brownie Brittle

24. Belgian Chocolate Seashells: Shell-shaped chocolates with a smooth, creamy filling.

Belgian Chocolate Seashells

25. Bonbon: Small, chocolate-covered candy with various fillings.


26. Bubble Tape: Six feet of bubble gum rolled into a tape-like dispenser.

Bubble Tape

27. Butter Crunch: Toffee candy with a crunchy texture and buttery flavor.

Butter Crunch

28. Banana Runts: Banana-shaped hard candies with a fruity flavor.

Banana Runts

29. Burnt Peanuts: Peanuts with a crunchy, sugary coating.

Burnt Peanuts

30. Black Licorice: Chewy, black candies with a distinctive licorice flavor.

Black Licorice

31. Bavarian Mints: Mint chocolates with a smooth, creamy texture.

Bavarian Mints

32. Bourbon Biscuits: Chocolate-flavored biscuits with a sweet filling.

Bourbon Biscuits

33. Bounty Miniatures: Bite-sized versions of the classic Bounty bar.

Bounty Miniatures

34. Butterscotch Discs: Hard candies with a rich butterscotch flavor.

Butterscotch Discs

35. Blue Razz Jolly Rancher: Hard candies with a bold blue raspberry flavor.

Blue Razz Jolly Rancher

36. Bubble Yum: Soft, chewy bubble gum known for its large bubbles.

Bubble Yum

37. Belgian Truffles: Rich, creamy truffles made with Belgian chocolate.

Belgian Truffles

38. Beemans Gum: Classic chewing gum with a unique flavor, originally marketed as a digestive aid.

39. Banana Cream Pie Fudge: Fudge with the flavor of banana cream pie.

Banana Cream Pie Fudge

40. Butter Brickle: Toffee-flavored candy often mixed with chocolate or ice cream.

Butter Brickle

41. Blueberry Jelly Beans: Jelly beans with a sweet blueberry flavor.

Blueberry Jelly Beans

42. Big Cherry: Cherry-flavored candy with a creamy center and nutty coating.

Big Cherry

43. British Toffee: Traditional toffee candy with a rich, buttery flavor.

British Toffee

44. Bounty Dark Chocolate: Coconut filling coated in dark chocolate.

Bounty Dark Chocolate

45. Bubble King: Classic bubble gum known for its sweet flavor and chewy texture.

Bubble King

46. Barnier Candies: French hard candies with various fruit flavors.

Barnier Candies

47. Butter Rum Lifesavers: Hard candies with a smooth, buttery rum flavor.

Butter Rum Lifesavers

48. Blackcurrant Pastilles: Chewy pastilles with a rich blackcurrant flavor.

Blackcurrant Pastilles

49. Buttermints: Soft, creamy mints that melt in your mouth.


50. Butterfinger Bites: Bite-sized pieces of the classic Butterfinger candy bar.

Butterfinger Bites

Let me know if you need more details on any of these!