50 Candy that Starts with C

Candy that Starts with C

Candy has a special place in the hearts of many, bringing back nostalgic memories and sweetening our daily lives. From classic childhood favorites to modern confections, there’s a delightful variety of candies that start with the letter “C.” This comprehensive list highlights 50 such candies, each with a brief description to tickle your taste buds and perhaps inspire your next candy craving. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, chewy treats, or hard candies, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a list of 50 candies that start with the letter “C,” each with a brief description:

1. Candy Corn: Traditional tri-colored candy typically enjoyed during Halloween.

Candy Corn

2. Caramel: Sweet, chewy candy made from sugar, butter, and milk.


3. Charleston Chew: Chewy nougat covered in chocolate.

Charleston Chew

4. Chunky: Chocolate bar filled with peanuts and raisins.


5. Circus Peanuts: Banana-flavored, peanut-shaped marshmallow candies.

Circus Peanuts

6. Cadbury Creme Egg: Chocolate egg filled with a creamy fondant center.

Cadbury Creme Egg

7. Chupa Chups: Popular brand of lollipops available in various flavors.

Chupa Chups

8. Crispy Crunch: Canadian candy bar with a crispy peanut flake interior.

Crispy Crunch

9. Cotton Candy: Fluffy, spun sugar treat often found at fairs and carnivals.

Cotton Candy

10. Candy Buttons: Small dots of candy attached to strips of paper.

Candy Buttons

11. Curly Wurly: British candy bar with braided caramel covered in chocolate.

12. Coconut Patties: Coconut-filled candy dipped in chocolate.

Coconut Patties

13. Chocolate-Covered Raisins: Raisins coated in smooth milk chocolate.

Chocolate-Covered Raisins

14. Caramel Apple Pops: Green apple-flavored lollipops with a caramel coating.

Caramel Apple Pops

15. Cherry Sours:
Chewy, tart cherry-flavored candies.

Cherry Sours

16. Chiclets: Colorful, candy-coated chewing gum.


17. Cinnamon Bears: Chewy, cinnamon-flavored gummy bears.

Cinnamon Bears

18. Cow Tales: Caramel candy with a creamy center.

19. Candy Canes: Peppermint-flavored, cane-shaped candies popular during Christmas.

Candy Canes

20. Clove Gum: Unique gum with a clove spice flavor.

Clove Gum

21. Chocolate Coins: Foil-wrapped chocolate shaped like coins.

Chocolate Coins

22. Creamy Caramels: Soft, creamy caramel squares.

Creamy Caramels

23. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels: Salty pretzels dipped in chocolate

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

24. Cherry Mash: Cherry-flavored nougat covered in chocolate and chopped peanuts.

Cherry Mash

25. Coconut M&Ms: M&M’s with a coconut-flavored filling.

26. Cinnamon Imperials:
Small, hard candies with a spicy cinnamon flavor.

27. Clark Bar: Peanut butter crunch center covered in milk chocolate.

Clark Bar

28. Candy Cigarettes: Sugar sticks shaped like cigarettes.

Candy Cigarettes

29. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans: Crunchy espresso beans coated in chocolate.

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

30. Coconut Bonbons: Coconut-filled candies covered in chocolate.

Coconut Bonbons

31. Caramel Creams: Caramel candies with a creamy white center.

Caramel Creams

32. Chewy Lemonheads: Chewy version of the classic Lemonheads candy.

Chewy Lemonheads

33. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Classic milk chocolate bar from Cadbury.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

34. Cherry Twizzlers: Cherry-flavored licorice twists.

Cherry Twizzlers

35. Cinnamon Toothpicks: Toothpicks infused with a spicy cinnamon flavor.

Cinnamon Toothpicks

36. Crispy M&M’s: M&M’s with a crispy rice center.

Chocolate Fudge

37. Chocolate Fudge: Rich, creamy chocolate confection.

38. Candy Necklaces: Edible candy beads strung on an elastic string.

Candy Necklaces

39. Chocolate Orange: Orange-shaped chocolate segments with a citrus flavor.

Chocolate Orange

40. Cola Bottles: Gummy candies shaped like cola bottles with a cola flavor.

Cola Bottles

41. Cough Drops: Medicated candies that soothe sore throats.

Cough Drops

42. Chocolate-Covered Cherries: Cherries enrobed in chocolate, often with a liquid center.

Chocolate-Covered Cherries

43. Candy Cigars: Candy shaped like cigars, often bubble gum.

Candy Cigars

44. Caramel Kisses: Soft caramel candies wrapped in wax paper.

Caramel Kisses

45. Cranberry Almond Bark: Chocolate bark with cranberries and almonds.

Cranberry Almond Bark

46. Chocolate Rocks: Chocolate shaped and colored to look like small rocks.

Chocolate Rocks

47. Cocoa Pebbles Treats: Marshmallow treats made with Cocoa Pebbles cereal.

Cocoa Pebbles Treats

48. Chocolate Liqueurs: Chocolate candies filled with liqueur.

Chocolate Liqueurs

49. Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers: Hard candies with a strong cinnamon flavor.

Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers

50. Chocolate Santas: Chocolate molded into the shape of Santa Claus, popular during Christmas.

Chocolate Santas